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Email marketing – 6 essential thoughts about what’s next

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Since the begging of the internet, emails were the most used personalized channel for interaction with the customer. Email marketing is heading to a new era, as the technology evolves and the number of people whose using email is growing every year (expected to be more than 3.8 billion in 2018), but the way of how a great email is looking is a masterpiece.

Email marketing

Building an astonishing email campaign has become as very important as your own product/service, so planning is important. Sending the right emails to the right people at the right time based on the technology behind emails marketing is giving you a chance to scale building relationship with your audience. Below are the top essential thoughts about what’s next with email marketing.

Below are the top essential thoughts about what’s next with email marketing.
  1. Better marketing practices, better software, and better use of data, email is becoming more automated, more personalized, and more relevant. With interactive features working their way into the inbox, the use of artificial intelligence taking off, as well as predictive marketing, becoming more common, email’s value will only continue to increase both for marketers and subscribers.
  2. Interactive elements like Menu, Sliders, Countdown and Gif’s will continue its dominance; gamification will also be a rage in the near future. It also encourages readers to engage with a brand, generating twice as many conversions passive content. Not only is a quiz or slideshow attention-grabbing, but businesses have discovered that elements like these can be easier for subscribers to consume.
  3. Video email gains broad adoption of email marketing as the last 24 months has seen a significant evolution in the ability to reach the inbox with high-quality video. The consumer preference for video content (it’s forecast that 80% of our time online in 2018 will be spent watching videos)will drive email marketing to bring video forward into their email communications as they will find it is the most effective means of driving views of their video content.
  4. “Content is king” and it’s changing perspectives on how to create resonance with consumers and also deliver results are redefining what desirable content looks like. Taking things like cause marketing in-house to integrate them into a brand is just one example of how marketers will start to put an emphasis on quality.
  5. A/B Testing of the email campaigns, drip campaigns and newsletters are all great ways to increase email conversions. Like any marketing strategies, however, they can be improved. You can achieve this through A/B testing. There are many aspects of your email campaigns that you can test and subsequently improve, I recommend only testing one aspect at a time however so you can more accurately measure your results.

Here are some common aspects perfect for A/B testing:

  • Call to action (“Buy Now!” vs. “Try Now”)
  • Subject line (“Product ABC on Sale” vs. “Discounts on Product ABC”)
  • Body
  • The layout of the message
  • Headline
  • Closing text
  • Your specific offer (example: “Save 50%” vs. “Free shipping”)

6.  Mobile-friendly email, because 54% of emails are now opened in mobile email clients. Needless to say, mobile devices have been taking over the desktop devices for quite some time. And it’s about time we design emails mobile-first. Responsive design will no longer be a “nice to have,” it will be a “must have.”And it won’t just be emails that marketers are formatting for mobile. Email subscription forms will start becoming more mobile friendly as well. Since most mobile visitors come to websites from an article vs. the homepage, we’ll start seeing more articles ending with email sign up forms to increase conversions.


As final thoughts, marketing is changing daily, so there must be other techniques which may be applying to your business, but in my opinion, these are the most essential right now, and email marketing is not dying, as is still providing one of the highest ROI’s available. If you have any other thoughts, please shoot me an email and I’ll gladly discuss it.

Dutu from WTM – Product Director

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