3 Principals of great social media marketing content – A story of zero to hero in only 8 weeks!

One of Wilde Time Marketing clients is the senior golf coaching franchise, Easiest Swing in Golf (Positive Impact Golf, prior to recent rebranding).
Initial meeting
I first met the founder, Brian Sparks, founder of Easiest Swing In Golf, for an ‘on-boarding session’. This is a meeting that Wilde Time Marketing does for every new client. It is where I meet the client face to face to understand the Persona, USP’s, KPI’s and Keywords of the business.
Brian passion for his business shone through and, what was most impressive, he had one of the clearest business models I had come across.

Easiest Swing Golf
Brian has a vision for helping senior golfers enjoy their game again, instead of worrying about their handicap! This is achieved by applying a philosophy, and a clear method to improve their golf swing. There is a massive gap in the market for golf coaches helping senior golfers in this way.
The vision for the company was clear as day. But, what was not coherent was the manner in which to communicate this to a large global audience.
Already, Brian has had considerable success with social media, after releasing a video, ‘The Easiest Swing In Golf ‘on you tube a few years ago. It has received over 400,000 views and, is still growing! If you ever need a sign that there is traction in his branding, look no further than this simple video title and the number of views it has achieved. Especially when consider the video has no audio on it!
Turning traffic into business
Brain had identified the traction but, beyond the initial success, he wanted to understand how to harness this more effectively. This is when Wilde Time Marketing steps in.
Social media is a science as well as an art. To succeed in social media you need to be organised, consistent and follow some strict principals – something which can be difficult for many SME’s when their management is focused on a hundred different things all at the same time.
3 Principals of Social Media Marketing
During that first meeting, we discussed what was needed in terms of content. Content is of course the art to supplement the science. All great content will tick the following boxes; defined voice, a level of authenticity and relevancy.
Now, it can be very daunting, being advised to produce content that ticks all three boxes on a regular and consistent basis. Especially when you have had very little experience in delivering content to be consumed in social media – It is like a jungle out there!
It’s safe to say, that we started with ‘a slow and steady’ approach. Brian has a team of golf coaches but, for the first month we only saw content from Brian.
The real breakthrough came when the ‘Easiest Swing In Golf ‘coaches got together for a weekend. Brian’s team flew in from the UK and Europe.
On the second day, I joined them at a lovely golf course in Croydon. An hour had been set aside to discuss marketing with me. After much discussion, I left the meeting nearly 4 hours later!  We only stopped then, because there were other items for them to discuss on the agenda.
Since our meeting, the content the team have been producing is fantastic! I am convinced those four hours helped empower the team and give them confidence. The level of content, surpassing my expectations, has reached a very high level already. What constitutes ‘high level’?
A 50 second video clip explaining that it is actually tension and not lifting your head during a golf swing, which often causes golf players to top the ball. This was perfect! Julian’s voice and language truly represented Easiest Swing. With the additional information about their approach in finding the correct swing for each individual player.
As a senior golf fanatic, you come across a clip on social media, about golf tips aimed at you. You will be interested and watch it. And, if the clip delivers the content you want, you will follow.
This will be earned by demonstrating you are an expert in on your subject. The content shows depth of knowledge, as the coaches give advice with such clarity, only obtained from years of experience.
For me this is the biggest factor on social media. With confidence gained, the coaches now look at ease in front of the camera, connecting to their audience, who can see, via the video, the advice comes directly from them. It really humanises the content and shows the audience, the coaches really can help senior golfers find a swing that allows them to enjoy golf again.
Coming Off Age:
Every time I receive a piece of content from the team, I have a high level of pride. Only a few weeks ago, some didn’t even know how to log into twitter! Now they are producing content in front of a camera that comes across as professional, authentic and authoritative.
I wonder if this is what it is like to be a teacher, seeing a child have that lightbulb moment! Having such moments where a client’s marketing jumps to a new level, fills me with great pride. The trick is, not to ‘rest of our laurels’ but, make it even better.

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social media

Social Media Platforms Benefits

Have you ever asked yourself how the Social Media is impacting on the today society? Does it have a good influence on the people and therefore society and where is it mostly identifiable?

Of course, we all feel the major effect the Social Media has on Today’s life. Here are only some examples: businesses from the middle of nowhere have benefited hugely from the Social Media Marketing, becoming Big Names on everybody’s lips. Events happening on the other side of the Globe become NEWS in an instant…a beautiful poetry written at the English hour on the 4th Grade makes the entry for the next successful Writer… So many dreams are to become reality…

Looking a little bit more closely, the development of mobile technology has played an important role in shaping the impact of social media. Across the entire globe, the mobile devices are the number one in terms of total time spent online. Everybody from anywhere can connect at any time on any device in anyone’s hands.

social media

1. The influence of Social Media on Society

People like to share information on a different basis: to define themselves, to nourish relationships, to spread the word out about causes/brands/ideas they like or they want to support. Because Social Networks feed off interactions among people, they become more powerful as they grow.

…and in this way, the Social Channels became not only a means for keeping in touch with friends and family, but also an important influence tool on politics, business, culture, education, careers, innovation and more.

2. Social Media Content Credibility

If you want to sculpt a successful brand, establishing credibility is an absolute must. You need to naturally build trust between your company and the potential consumers. It is not without reason said that the “content is king”. Using this tool in the proper way, it will help you illustrate to your readers why your brand is reputable.

social media

Here are 3 suggestions on how to build a “credible” Social Media Content:

  • Work with Types of Content that Work Best for your Readers:

You can discover which are the types of content that work best for your clients by simply paying attention. It will tell you which are the pieces of content and the strategies that attract the heftiest readership and the greatest engagement. At the same time, it will also tell in which stage of the buying cycle is more appropriate to use them.

  • Provide good advice:

You should try to offer your audience valuable, purposeful, actionable content. At the same time, provide them with tips and tricks which can help them understand an industry topic in a more meaningful way.

  • Highlight Case Studies and Link to Statistics:

If possible, always back up your statements with statistics and/or case studies allowing the public to trust and reinforce the idea that what you are saying is valid.

3. Social Media and Commerce

Almost any organization – if not every – reaches its customers by means of one or more of the Social Media Platforms. Every business understands the importance of Social Media connection to the customers.

social media

Social Media Platforms are used to generate insights, stimulate demand and create targeted product offerings. They help the businesses create awareness for their products/services and attract the appropriate clients exactly at the time when they are ready to purchase.


So in the buyer’s process of contracting the best option, both sides benefit from the online advantages. It saves a lot of time which is normally spent on a buyer’s Journey.

Social Media is today doing a lot of work for us, we just need to understand its’ ways. In this manner, we can use it for our / our businesses best benefits!


Diana, from WTM – Operations Director



Inbound Marketing – advice from a digital marketing agency

Small business marketing adopts inbound marketing

When I first discovered about Inbound Marketing I was taught it is the process of trying to convert strangers into customers. It’s a tough world and if you want someone to like your business you must try to do everything in your power to promote what they are looking for.

After spending a long time on lots of projects working for a digital marketing agency, I now know the first thing I always ask myself is - “How do people in the market communicate and what do they expect from the business”.

The inbound methodology helps us not just with the introduction but all the stages of marketing during the entire customer experience cycle.

I will share with you 4 phases that are a MUST for a successful marketing campaign and to help your business.

inbound marketing1. Attract

You want on your site the right visitors and that will become leads and eventually happy costumers. For this, you need to create relevant content at the right time.

  • Blogs – often a great way to attract new visitors
  • Content – People are looking for responses to their question, so be sure that you give them that
  • Social Media – Here we can share valuable information and engage with our customers on a personal level
2. Convert

Now we need to convert all the visitors into leads. Only with a conversation technique can you do this. Successful methods have been shown how to get in touch with them. Remember, we are converting to a lead, not business for the company just yet!

  • Forms - Collect information that starts the conversion process
  • Meetings – It’s a must to speak with them in order to become leads. Show up, engage, and win a new customer
  • Messages – Create a chat tool and connect with them. Technology is great and to help with the volume chatbots are becoming a useful friend to the process
  • CRM – Create a centralized contact database
3. Close

You have visitors and turned them into new leads. It’s now the time when you transform them into customers. In this stage, you need to use some tools to make sure you are closing with the right people.

  • Pipeline Management – This will help you to analyze how good your marketing and sales are at this point
  • Lead life – here you will find the pages they’ve visited, content or articles. And it will help you to communicate with them
  • Email – An email that is useful, relevant and has the right content that it will build trust
4. Delight

Winning the customer is great, but you want to keep and retain that customer for a long time.

Everyone that you will meet will have high expectation from you and your business. At this phase, it’s important to engage with them and in this way; they will stay with you longer and will recommend you to their group.

  • CONVERSATION – Respond to all of you costumer question. Look for their interests, request and comments, in this way you will have a meaningful conversation.

Use this framework for any campaign you wish to work on. At our digital marketing agency, we have spent lots of time on many projects. Marketing is not easy in a world where consumers have thousands of messages targeted at them on a daily basis. All the success we have ever found has been using this framework.


 Bianca, from WTM – Account Director


Sales funnel thoughts

Internet marketing company should worry about sales funnels

What is a sale funnel? It is a marketing process which allows businesses to direct customers to the desired action – most often a conversion.

A sales funnel can be as simple as a contact form to capture someone inquiring about your services. A series of emails can nurture the lead to move the visitor towards an engagement, preferably one that includes a purchase. More…


5 essential things regarding SEO in 2018

Internet marketing company should worry about SEO

What are the 5 essential things regarding SEO in 2018?

How do you create a competitive edge in the online search results?

It won’t be easy as it now appears everyone has an opinion of knowledge of SEO. But, as your competitors are getting better so is Google become more advanced. You can never stand still in the SEO game. More…

social media timing

Perfect Timing in Online Marketing

Internet marketing company loves social media marketing

Delivering the right kind of information, at the right moment is the key to any successful marketing strategy. Timing is everything.

1. Timing and Consumers

Whether you are just offering informational content to attract leads or you are trying to offer possible solutions for your lead (in order to nurture it into closing, so becoming a customer), you always have to be prepared to deliver the perfect content at the right time.
Depending on where the consumer is along their buying journey you must deliver them the exact information they seek.
No matter at which stage you offer information to help advance their buying intention. More…


3 tools we simply cannot live without in our daily responsibilities

Internet marketing company uses many tools

What means a good marketing?

Talking a good game about marketing is easy. Walking the walk is an entirely different ball game.

So how do you influence customers to behave in ways that affect the organization’s business results? How do you actually execute all these fantastic ideas? How do you make the whole process easier?

The best way to help lift the burden is marketing tools! More…

email marketing

Email marketing – 6 essential thoughts about what’s next

Marketing agency with a finger on the pulse

Since the begging of the internet, emails were the most used personalized channel for interaction with the customer. Email marketing is heading to a new era, as the technology evolves and the number of people whose using email is growing every year (expected to be more than 3.8 billion in 2018), but the way of how a great email is looking is a masterpiece.

Email marketing

Building an astonishing email campaign has become as very important as your own product/service, so planning is important. Sending the right emails to the right people at the right time based on the technology behind emails marketing is giving you a chance to scale building relationship with your audience. Below are the top essential thoughts about what’s next with email marketing.

Below are the top essential thoughts about what’s next with email marketing.
  1. Better marketing practices, better software, and better use of data, email is becoming more automated, more personalized, and more relevant. With interactive features working their way into the inbox, the use of artificial intelligence taking off, as well as predictive marketing, becoming more common, email’s value will only continue to increase both for marketers and subscribers.
  2. Interactive elements like Menu, Sliders, Countdown and Gif’s will continue its dominance; gamification will also be a rage in the near future. It also encourages readers to engage with a brand, generating twice as many conversions passive content. Not only is a quiz or slideshow attention-grabbing, but businesses have discovered that elements like these can be easier for subscribers to consume.
  3. Video email gains broad adoption of email marketing as the last 24 months has seen a significant evolution in the ability to reach the inbox with high-quality video. The consumer preference for video content (it’s forecast that 80% of our time online in 2018 will be spent watching videos)will drive email marketing to bring video forward into their email communications as they will find it is the most effective means of driving views of their video content.
  4. “Content is king” and it’s changing perspectives on how to create resonance with consumers and also deliver results are redefining what desirable content looks like. Taking things like cause marketing in-house to integrate them into a brand is just one example of how marketers will start to put an emphasis on quality.
  5. A/B Testing of the email campaigns, drip campaigns and newsletters are all great ways to increase email conversions. Like any marketing strategies, however, they can be improved. You can achieve this through A/B testing. There are many aspects of your email campaigns that you can test and subsequently improve, I recommend only testing one aspect at a time however so you can more accurately measure your results.

Here are some common aspects perfect for A/B testing:

  • Call to action (“Buy Now!” vs. “Try Now”)
  • Subject line (“Product ABC on Sale” vs. “Discounts on Product ABC”)
  • Body
  • The layout of the message
  • Headline
  • Closing text
  • Your specific offer (example: “Save 50%” vs. “Free shipping”)

6.  Mobile-friendly email, because 54% of emails are now opened in mobile email clients. Needless to say, mobile devices have been taking over the desktop devices for quite some time. And it’s about time we design emails mobile-first. Responsive design will no longer be a “nice to have,” it will be a “must have.”And it won’t just be emails that marketers are formatting for mobile. Email subscription forms will start becoming more mobile friendly as well. Since most mobile visitors come to websites from an article vs. the homepage, we’ll start seeing more articles ending with email sign up forms to increase conversions.


As final thoughts, marketing is changing daily, so there must be other techniques which may be applying to your business, but in my opinion, these are the most essential right now, and email marketing is not dying, as is still providing one of the highest ROI’s available. If you have any other thoughts, please shoot me an email and I’ll gladly discuss it.

Dutu from WTM – Product Director


Successful Online Marketing Content

Startup marketing should worry about content

Have you ever asked yourself why some businesses grab people’s attention and other fades into the abyss?

Why do some achieve a better market response when you are actually offering better products or services?

Here is the answer: online marketing content is making the difference! More…


Insights about design and a successful business

Startup marketing and the benefits of design insights

How do you make people fall in love? Luckily we are not talking Romeo and Juliet, but about how do you make people fall in love with content!

The first objective of any content is to be understood and meaningful to those who follow its content. The solution to this problem is simple – design. More…

Email Marketing Automation

Few people can deny the power of automation. I have seen its magic with my very own eyes.


What is Email Marketing Automation?

Automatic email campaigns create triggers based on how the users act.

These triggers will alter the course of a content journey for each customer depending on timely, personalized, and relevant information unique to the reader.

When the user responds in a certain way they have expressed to you an interest via their engagement behaviour.

The automation campaign acknowledges this behaviour and will compound the positive interaction by providing more of the information they seek (assuming your automation campaigns are on point of course)!


My experience

I recently worked on a campaign for The Ashes. I wanted to get in touch with people who showed interest in this test cricket series played between England and Australia.

The client is a fantasy sports platform that’s always trying to come up with something innovative. We’ve been working with the client for some time now, and this time it was about cricket.

We started to create a campaign and our greatest desire was to inform people of the possibilities of playing every single day.

Prior to the launch, we brainstormed and created various emails with different designs and different ways of expressing our message.

It was a real delight when I noticed different ways that people started to respond to these emails.

I created eBooks, blogs and even different design for buttons to access them directly from our emails. It was a full marketing automation email campaign. The buzz around the office was palpable when we gained traction on the campaign.

This showed to me that e-mail marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels today.

Data Analysis

Let’s set the scene. Perhaps 50% of visitors to the site are not yet ready to buy and need more information before making a decision. You can either let them do their own research, or you can shape their research for them!

At the end of the summer of 2017, I made a report for a series of tutorial emails sent to all new subscribers. The aim was to find out if they had enough information and that they were properly on-boarded and satisfied.

After the analysis, I changed the design to see how people react to something new and more colourful.

The team focused on:

  • Changing texts
  • Using a common and easy to understand the language
  • Utilising many images and tips on how to use the platform
  • How to play on the platform.

After just a short period of analysis, we can spot areas within the automation that we could improve.

After the analysis, we improved the relevancy of the information people were looking?

This then allowed our client’s website to start converting more customers quicker.

How we do this?

Our team works hard on data verification of all automation campaign.

A big part of my job is to collect data on EVERY campaign and generate weekly reports.

As a team of specialists, we review each the campaigns and look for ways to improve each week. Did one email have a higher than normal click through? Why was this? Was it to do with timing? Maybe it had a better call to action? Maybe the content was more relevant that week?

All of this data helps our team assess the effectiveness of a campaign. Marketing is a constant feedback loop which allows you to constantly improve. Email marketing gives you that access and feedback on that customer in the most personal area of your contact – their inbox.

I believe in the power of innovation to constantly stimulate new value for customers. Technology advancement has made automation a necessity for growth and success, not a barrier.


Bianca, from WTM – Account director