Content remarketing

Modern marketing is about being responsive and nimble. It’s about noticing the opportunity and ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to take full advantage. Content remarketing is a great method to achieve that.

Picture the scene. It’s a Sunday afternoon and you have donned the apron. You have finally tackled that shoulder of lamb you have meaning to attempt for ages. As the afternoon was a big deal for you, you thought you would go the whole hog (no pun intended!) and perfect a starter too - tomato, basil and mozzarella tart with homemade puff pastry!

Boom – you’ve smashed it! It looked, smelled and tasted great!

Your friends loved it and your reputation as the group’s best host was never higher! You promise to do it again and beam with pride as they leave.

But for a hundred and one different reasons you never get around to inviting them back. Days turn into months, months into years and before you know, you’re just someone they bump into at the supermarket from time to time. To make matters worse they have a tough time recalling that fantastic mint sauce which was once the talk of the town!


Ok – hands up – this would be a massive first world problem but it perfectly illustrates content remarketing!

Content marketing – the buzzword for any marketer. If it was a fashion accessory, they would all be wearing it in Paris!

What sorts the wheat from the chaff, however, is what you do when you have a killer piece of content (which with current trends is becoming harder to achieve with each passing day). How do you take full advantage of the engagement after people have digested it?

Content is such a powerful approach because you can create a level of authority on a subject that your audience has an obvious interest in advancing. Like small children who look towards grown-ups to teach them how to act, your audience is looking for information on how to be more informed. It is simple psychology.

But creating a piece of content that propels engagement off the chart is only part of the equation.

We had a situation only last month where a piece of content resonated with one of our client's audiences and we saw 6,500% increase in the number of engagements. Almost immediately, the engagement levels fell back to a more “normal” levels (albeit now a higher base) on all the following pieces of content.

Content is like Baseball – not every single whack is going to be hit out the park.

So how did we then take full advantage of this large audience who showed an interest in our clients market?

We hit up the famous GDN (Google Display Network) – the biggest and baddest retargeting tool in town.

We then followed 5 rules to see if we could cross paths again with members of our new audience!

  • Persona – we knew that a lot of the new audience will be at the start of the buying cycle of the client. Let’s go after the people most likely to play ball.
  • We did set the audience membership duration to four weeks – why four weeks? Because the biggest Ad Fatigue Decay typically kicks after this rate.
  • We didn’t set an impression cap – yes, familiarity breeds contempt – but this was shock and awe and we didn’t want to lose the customer who we might convert, opposed to losing the one that we were likely to lose anyway!
  • We built a library of NEW and varied content. There are 14 different display ad formats on GDN ranging from a vertical rectangle to a banner, to a small square, to skyscraper, to inline rectangles and on and on and on! People don’t get bored with a brand, they get bored with generic content! Mix up images, messages, shapes and sizes – people will get bored far less slowly!


We know that people engaged with the content for a reason. We also know that the past browsing history is among the strongest predictors of future purchasing intent. With our 5 steps, we managed to bring down the clients CPA for the four week period by 23%! We also managed to increase the numbers who converted to a paying customer by 61%! As with all marketing cycles, this then reverted back to a normal. What it taught us was when faced with a new audience who have had a positive interaction with the brand – go after them! They are willing to listen.

Modern marketing is about being responsive and nimble. It’s about noticing the opportunity and ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to take full advantage.  Content remarketing is a great method to achieve that.

James, from WTM - CEO/CMO and Co-founder