Box Smart is a foundation, set up by small brand owners to help other brand owners save cost on their packaging. Aneal, one of the co-founders, is a very dynamic leader who achieved fantastic results in the first two years of creating the company.

He reached out to Wilde Time Marketing to add some defined startup marketing experience to his growing company.

Wilde Time Marketing, a digital marketing agency, spent a morning with the senior management where it was established that an email marketing approach would “move the dial”.

An important source of business for Box Smart was exhibitions. Lead capturing before the exhibitions were shown to be important to the business. Box Smart had built up a (GDPR compliant) email distribution list yet needed a way of harnessing the list.

Wilde Time created a flow of expected actions covering everything from opening an email, replying to an email or even ignoring an email. We find that for startup marketing, preparation is key. WTM spend an entire morning brainstorming various scenarios and creating content to match the predicted response.

Based on these predicted triggers relevant content was then delivered to Box Smarts perspective client. What delighted Box Smart was that it was all automated. Using our CRM we can create action flows which mean once it is set up no one needed to lift a finger!

Analytics was also an important consideration. It is essential to look at the behavioural data and make adjustments, whether a tinker of a wholesale rethink, along with the flow cycle.

This is where a digital marketing agency can be worth their weight in gold. WTM performs analytics as often as needed (for some clients we have even gone down to hourly segments). Generally, our go-to process is once a week.

For the client, our focus is on marketing only. So we do not need to worry about everything else that is going on in the business. This means nothing will ever get in the way of us performing this fundamental task. Often with startup businesses, essential marketing will often miss because more important daily actions pop up.

Startup marketing is about finding one method that gains traction. You don’t need to knock every ball out of the park – instead, find a single vertical that works and really go after it. Our digital marketing agency found an area in email automation that worked well for Box Smart and we continue to work hard on making it work even better. We will eventually expand into other areas with Box Smart – PPC, blogging, inbound marketing etc, but for now, we want to extract the most out of an area that has proven a success.