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Small business marketing adopts inbound marketing

When I first discovered about Inbound Marketing I was taught it is the process of trying to convert strangers into customers. It’s a tough world and if you want someone to like your business you must try to do everything in your power to promote what they are looking for.

After spending a long time on lots of projects working for a digital marketing agency, I now know the first thing I always ask myself is - “How do people in the market communicate and what do they expect from the business”.

The inbound methodology helps us not just with the introduction but all the stages of marketing during the entire customer experience cycle.

I will share with you 4 phases that are a MUST for a successful marketing campaign and to help your business.

inbound marketing1. Attract

You want on your site the right visitors and that will become leads and eventually happy costumers. For this, you need to create relevant content at the right time.

  • Blogs – often a great way to attract new visitors
  • Content – People are looking for responses to their question, so be sure that you give them that
  • Social Media – Here we can share valuable information and engage with our customers on a personal level
2. Convert

Now we need to convert all the visitors into leads. Only with a conversation technique can you do this. Successful methods have been shown how to get in touch with them. Remember, we are converting to a lead, not business for the company just yet!

  • Forms - Collect information that starts the conversion process
  • Meetings – It’s a must to speak with them in order to become leads. Show up, engage, and win a new customer
  • Messages – Create a chat tool and connect with them. Technology is great and to help with the volume chatbots are becoming a useful friend to the process
  • CRM – Create a centralized contact database
3. Close

You have visitors and turned them into new leads. It’s now the time when you transform them into customers. In this stage, you need to use some tools to make sure you are closing with the right people.

  • Pipeline Management – This will help you to analyze how good your marketing and sales are at this point
  • Lead life – here you will find the pages they’ve visited, content or articles. And it will help you to communicate with them
  • Email – An email that is useful, relevant and has the right content that it will build trust
4. Delight

Winning the customer is great, but you want to keep and retain that customer for a long time.

Everyone that you will meet will have high expectation from you and your business. At this phase, it’s important to engage with them and in this way; they will stay with you longer and will recommend you to their group.

  • CONVERSATION – Respond to all of you costumer question. Look for their interests, request and comments, in this way you will have a meaningful conversation.

Use this framework for any campaign you wish to work on. At our digital marketing agency, we have spent lots of time on many projects. Marketing is not easy in a world where consumers have thousands of messages targeted at them on a daily basis. All the success we have ever found has been using this framework.


 Bianca, from WTM – Account Director

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