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Social Media Platforms Benefits

Have you ever asked yourself how the Social Media is impacting on the today society? Does it have a good influence on the people and therefore society and where is it mostly identifiable?

Of course, we all feel the major effect the Social Media has on Today’s life. Here are only some examples: businesses from the middle of nowhere have benefited hugely from the Social Media Marketing, becoming Big Names on everybody’s lips. Events happening on the other side of the Globe become NEWS in an instant…a beautiful poetry written at the English hour on the 4th Grade makes the entry for the next successful Writer… So many dreams are to become reality…

Looking a little bit more closely, the development of mobile technology has played an important role in shaping the impact of social media. Across the entire globe, the mobile devices are the number one in terms of total time spent online. Everybody from anywhere can connect at any time on any device in anyone’s hands.

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1. The influence of Social Media on Society

People like to share information on a different basis: to define themselves, to nourish relationships, to spread the word out about causes/brands/ideas they like or they want to support. Because Social Networks feed off interactions among people, they become more powerful as they grow.

…and in this way, the Social Channels became not only a means for keeping in touch with friends and family, but also an important influence tool on politics, business, culture, education, careers, innovation and more.

2. Social Media Content Credibility

If you want to sculpt a successful brand, establishing credibility is an absolute must. You need to naturally build trust between your company and the potential consumers. It is not without reason said that the “content is king”. Using this tool in the proper way, it will help you illustrate to your readers why your brand is reputable.

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Here are 3 suggestions on how to build a “credible” Social Media Content:

  • Work with Types of Content that Work Best for your Readers:

You can discover which are the types of content that work best for your clients by simply paying attention. It will tell you which are the pieces of content and the strategies that attract the heftiest readership and the greatest engagement. At the same time, it will also tell in which stage of the buying cycle is more appropriate to use them.

  • Provide good advice:

You should try to offer your audience valuable, purposeful, actionable content. At the same time, provide them with tips and tricks which can help them understand an industry topic in a more meaningful way.

  • Highlight Case Studies and Link to Statistics:

If possible, always back up your statements with statistics and/or case studies allowing the public to trust and reinforce the idea that what you are saying is valid.

3. Social Media and Commerce

Almost any organization – if not every – reaches its customers by means of one or more of the Social Media Platforms. Every business understands the importance of Social Media connection to the customers.

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Social Media Platforms are used to generate insights, stimulate demand and create targeted product offerings. They help the businesses create awareness for their products/services and attract the appropriate clients exactly at the time when they are ready to purchase.


So in the buyer’s process of contracting the best option, both sides benefit from the online advantages. It saves a lot of time which is normally spent on a buyer’s Journey.

Social Media is today doing a lot of work for us, we just need to understand its’ ways. In this manner, we can use it for our / our businesses best benefits!


Diana, from WTM – Operations Director


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