Northern Lights

Why chasing a successful tweet is like looking for the Northern Lights

The art behind the perfect tweet and our digital marketing company

Name a person who would turn down the chance to see the Northern Lights with their own naked eye and I would name you a madman!

What’s on your bucket list?


The natural phenomenon would be on anyone’s bucket list. However, unlike a trip to Istanbul where a siting of the glorious Hanging Sophia is guaranteed, if it so happened to be on your list, the Northern Lights are anything but a certainty.


Northern Lights

Fair point – this is a digital marketing agency blog! So what am I going on about?


The point is – just like the Aurora Borealis, where the conditions might be perfect but you still don’t catch a glimpse, you might have the perfect tweet but get no reaction!


So, you’ve done your personal workshop, you have a/b tested, successfully defined a tone and voice of your brand, you have a credible event to react to, your output schedule tells you this is an event you need to react to, you have a good engaged following as you stand for something and finally the tweet is super relevant and released at the perfect timing. All massive ticks!


How can your statistics not go bananas and move the dial on your social media accounts?


digital marketing agency


It is at this point if you were searching for the lights that the Aurora forecast charts are glowing a big fat red 10 out of 10!


At this point, you jump in the jeep but all the areas you search have a little cloud cover! Nada, nothing, zilch! Gutted!


A little dejected but undeterred, you decide to take up the offer of a free trip the following evening. You return and even though the forecasts is 4 out of 10 – yet you see the most glorious show you could ever imagine!


Just like the northern lights, social media can be equally frustrating and elusive even when the conditions are all that they should be!


Why a tweet/post/video goes viral cannot be said with any convulsive certainty. For some reason it just never gets traction.


What you can do, however, is ensure you put your brand in a position frequently enough that if all the conditions were in your favour you stand a much higher chance of hitting that home run!


How to create a great tweet?


What are those factors you need to be concerned with? I have mentioned them earlier but here they are in a list.

  • Customer persona clarity
  • A/b tested different content type
  • Define a tone and voice of your brand,
  • Create an important dates list to know what event to react to
  • Create an output schedule
  • Stand for something
  • Tweet about relevant information


At Wilde Time Marketing we are a digital marketing agency who have experience in all these areas. We would be delighted to help you in any way you may require assistance in?


    James, from WTM – CEO/CMO and Co-founder