Evolve opened in London in 2016 and quickly gained success with a novel approach to training. A tractor tyre and sledgehammer were a staple piece of equipment in the central London gym.

Fast forward 3 years and tripling previous revenues the founders were ready to expand and take their expertise and skills to other sites by purchasing a gym in Liverpool Street, London. Introducing the Warrior Tribe workout to a new part of London Evolve needed assistance with their client acquisitions from a standing start.

Wilde Time Marketing stepped up to the plate and help devised a detailed PPC schedule over both Google AdWords and Facebook.  The scheduled was scrutinised to target key dates in the cycle not to waste any budget. A good example is pre-programming the campaign so it automatically turns off during the weekend when the clients in Liverpool Street will not be looking for drop in gym classes.

The PPC campaign was also backed by a keyword research day. This is when Wilde Time Marketing spent time with the client to understand the words used to describe the gym terminology needed to attract the correct clients. Wilde Time Marketing then took all the research and using the multiple marketing tools available at our disposal created a list of core keywords to be used in the pay per click campaign.

Part of the assessment when looking at this specific area of marketing was getting a balance between keyword competitiveness and volume. It is generally very tough to find a high volume keyword without any competition, but scratch the surface and we found many longer tailed keywords which still had good volume but far less competition. This is an important area of keyword research – be a big fish in a small pond. You will likely generate just as many leads but pay a fraction of the price for the traffic.

Evolve gym has a unique and fun persona which translates well to all their clients. They excel on social media with a fantastic and authentic voice. The next phase that Wilde Time Marketing and Evolve are working on is now converting that traffic to tired hands on a sledgehammer.