5 essential things regarding SEO in 2018

Internet marketing company should worry about SEO

What are the 5 essential things regarding SEO in 2018?

How do you create a competitive edge in the online search results?

It won’t be easy as it now appears everyone has an opinion of knowledge of SEO. But, as your competitors are getting better so is Google become more advanced. You can never stand still in the SEO game.


In my opinion, these are 5 things to be concerned with about SEO in 2018.

  1.    Create great content that brings value to the reader

When speaking about the content it’s not an easy as it once was. However, if you have a voice and a purpose great blogs can still carry you on a cusp of a wave. Be creative and impress through being original for your targeted personas.

The great benefit of blogging is that if the content is embraced it’s going to be shared on social media which in turn could lead to people creating backlink and generate traffic.

It will also allow Google to crawl more of your content and for you to be indexed for more keywords.

When thinking about blogging follow these rules:

–   Less than 1000 words

–   Be careful to have quality internal links and outbound links (don’t over exaggerate)

–   Besides words, give some examples, statistics, and studies: be credible

–  Images are really important so, it needs to have high quality, but more important is to be relevant

–  Your content needs to be reader’s solution to their problems

  1.    User experience is a goddess

Easy to use, nice design, fast server’s response will encourage the visitors to come back. You’ll have to focus the user experience (UX) around the right content:

–   Fast search inside the website

–   Easy to use the main menu

–   Pop-ups and the ads tend to be annoyable, use them carefully (don’t block the user with these)

–    Create a nice structure of your content with tags and categories

Why does this matter? A good user experience should translate into a lower bounce rate and yes that matters in Google rankings

  1.      Influencers can help your growth

Get to know the influencers in your niche. Never forget that they can reach a higher audience than you and they will have a neutral credibility that you as a vendor will never be able to create. Instagram and Facebook are the best social media channels for finding great influencers. How can you do that?

–  Search on google for influencers

–   Use relevant keywords regarding your focus area

–   Make contact with them, but don’t be too pushy

Once you have made contact and they are happy to publish content for you, work closely with them to ensure you get the backlinks, anchor text and keywords that are core to your strategy.

  1.      Progressive Web Apps helps the user

Mobile web has grown significantly in the last years and it will only continue to grow in popularity. Ensuring that your web version of the website performs well is crucial. Google will look at the page download speed both on desktop AND smartphones. It all counts.

  1.     Mobile optimization is crucial

Mobile searches have now surpassed desktop as the most used platform for searches. Optimize all the pages and functionalities. If your user performance on the smartphone is strong, people are more likely to share using their smartphones. This will increase the chances of being used as a backlink in a form of media, which again is a big fat tick.

Feel free to leave me a comment or get in contact if you want to find out more.

Dutu from WTM – Product Director

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