3 tools we simply cannot live without in our daily responsibilities

Internet marketing company uses many tools

What means a good marketing?

Talking a good game about marketing is easy. Walking the walk is an entirely different ball game.

So how do you influence customers to behave in ways that affect the organization’s business results? How do you actually execute all these fantastic ideas? How do you make the whole process easier?

The best way to help lift the burden is marketing tools!

Nowadays you can find a lot of tools on the internet. But buyer beware! For every useful tool, there will be 10 generic products which add little except a huge dent in your cash flow.

At Wilde Time Marketing we have the luxury of being able to kiss many frogs to find our prince. We can trail products and have a lot of tools to benchmark against.

I will share some insights about the tools we simply cannot live without in our daily responsibilities.


Sharp Spring

Email marketing is an absolute must for ALL businesses.

Having a CRM and leading marketing tool allows me to keep all my assets in one place.

At the same time, I can have a list of 2000 contacts.

Without this CRM who I am going to ask to help me with the process? Who can help me send the email and then after compiling an analytics report?

It’s hard to find one single person to do this manually. I used Sharp Spring for a long time now and everything I need is in there.

Within just 4 or 5 clicks my emails are sending and the report is created by them.

The automation and flow capacity gives me a clear picture of when an email was sent and who did receive/engaged with it. This information is crucial because if I want to repeat a campaign I want to avoid angry customers receiving an email three times in a row.

I manage this by creating very simple and easy lists within the CRM and all I need to do is to apply one rule in this platform. Never has our email marketing been more efficient.

SEM Rush


If you don’t know yet you will soon discover! In marketing, you have to do a LOT of reports!

We run daily, weekly, and monthly report, and even if clients have a need they can have annual reports generated.

It’s time-consuming if you don’t have assistance.

It may take a few hours to produce the simplest of reports if you need to reinvent the wheel every time. You have to be on your A-game every time too as they need to be precise and to use a language that can be easily understood by your clients. You cannot copy and paste some numbers and that’s it.

I like the tool SEM Rush a lot.

You do a bit of upfront work by entering the information you desire. From this point, the tool can do the reports for you without too much interaction. Isn’t this nice?

You just need to open your laptop to start the report.

Another cool thing that you can find on their platform is a checker that gives you some insights on what can you do to improve your website. It also allows you to keep tabs on your competitor!



This tool is very interesting.

It helps us understand why people stay or more importantly leave the site.

I like the combination of video capture (watching users sessions!) and heat maps (see where the customers are clicking). HotJar does a little bit of everything, it’s really valuable in determining how people are behaving on site and pinpointing issues that can help me fix and friction points.

What is best about HotJar is that it is really affordable!

I spend time with all these tools on a daily basis. If you have any questions I would be delighted to answer any questions.



 Bianca, from WTM – Account director

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