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Perfect Timing in Online Marketing

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Delivering the right kind of information, at the right moment is the key to any successful marketing strategy. Timing is everything.

1. Timing and Consumers

Whether you are just offering informational content to attract leads or you are trying to offer possible solutions for your lead (in order to nurture it into closing, so becoming a customer), you always have to be prepared to deliver the perfect content at the right time.
Depending on where the consumer is along their buying journey you must deliver them the exact information they seek.
No matter at which stage you offer information to help advance their buying intention.

2. Timing on Social Media Channels

Social Media Channels are a great way to spread your content, but for that, there are good time peaks and bad time peaks. I use the following rule of thumb:

social media timing

·      Good Time Peaks:

Facebook: Wednesdays – 3 pm

Twitter: Mondays to Thursdays – 1pm-3pm

LinkedIn: Tuesdays to Thursdays – 5pm-6pm

·      Bad Time Peaks:

Facebook: Weekends before 8 am & after 8 pm

Twitter: Every day after 8 pm

LinkedIn: Every day after 8 pm

3. Perfect Timing – dependant on Consumers Habits

To succeed with your campaigns, use the following guidelines:

  • Consumers do certain things on certain days of the week. The relevant habits help you plan your campaign. Speak to your buyers when the consumer is in the right frame of mind to act. It WILL ultimately drive a better ROI.
  • Big decisions are made on Monday: So you need to have your letterbox advertising campaign land just before Monday, so it can have a bigger impact.
  • Social media is quieter on the weekend: Even though fewer people check their social media accounts on the weekends, those who do, actually check it are more active than during the week. So there’s always great opportunity to get noticed. People are also more likely to watch longer videos and read articles. They simply have more time!
  • Budget-conscious shoppers hit the shops on Thursday: If you’re targeting the budget-savvy, Thursday and Friday could be the best times to hit!

4. Timing – one important Part of the Whole

social media timing

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that you need more than just timing. You cannot expect to increase the top line from only sending out your marketing campaign on the right day.

However, if you get the targeting, messaging, branding and design, all which have their important roles to play, AND you nail the timing, you should see very positive results.

If you can put together all these elements and then send your content out at the right time, you’re onto a winner.

Diana, from WTM – Operations Director

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