Insights about design and a successful business

Startup marketing and the benefits of design insights

How do you make people fall in love? Luckily we are not talking Romeo and Juliet, but about how do you make people fall in love with content!

The first objective of any content is to be understood and meaningful to those who follow its content. The solution to this problem is simple – design.

What is design?


You can design almost everything, a website, a logo or a social media campaign.

One of the most important thing about a website is the home page. This is your business card, it’s the first interaction with your possible client and most importantly it is your first impression. If your design is beautiful and peaceful people will remember. If they remember you they will talk about you and you can attract more people.

You never get a second chance at a first impression

If people don’t feel visually attracted, how can we persuade them to read our blog, e-book or emails?

We always try to create quality content. Great content conveys a tone the client would like to represent. The tone is important as a viewer will make a snap judgement and it’s essential the viewer feels calm when they make this micro reaction.

Sometimes the best designs are the simple ones, ones that are not extravagant. When people find a web page with many pictures attached and full of details, many of them have the instinct to leave that page.

One thing that dictates the quality of your tone is related to design.

What is great design?

  1. The type of image chosen – make it connected with what is being written about
  2. Insert any links carefully positioned
  3. Favour simplicity – too much noise and it’s overwhelming
How can you avoid common mistakes?

An important aspect of a well-designed site is a consistent pattern of colours and style.

  • About 70% of people say that colour increases brand recognition
  • The reader’s eye is caught in front of bright colours that offer a feeling of clean and readable content

How do we know that people are happy with the design? One word – feedback.

Never be afraid to collaborate. Something that looks fine to you can often provoke different emotions with other people.

When designed the logo for Wilde Time Marketing, we had a hilarious team meeting with strong views dismissing what some people thought were very strong logos!

Where is design important?

design skills

Let me tell you a secret: Design skills that can have an impact EVERYWHERE!

The most obvious examples are:

  1. Logo
  2. UI/UX design
  3. Copywriting
  4. Hyperlinks
  5. Colour theory
  6. Promotion on social media channels
  7. Flash animation
  8. Pay-per-click advertising

This is a continuous work as everything is constantly changing. The interface cannot stay the same all the time; it needs to be changed according to new details, people and fashions!

Keep your audience happy. It’s the only thing that you should have in your mind – this is ART!

Bianca, from WTM – Account director

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